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Schwalbe Durano DD 2016 250x300

It really is all about the bike and just like you, wel love to dream about the perfect bike. Here at Cycle Reviewer we aim not only to bring you the bikes that dreams are made of, but when reality kicks in and tight budgets keep us firmly clipped into the real-world pedals of life, we bring you reviews of some really exciting bikes that won’t break the bank.

It's not just about the super-bikes that fill the ranks of the Pro-Peloton or the svelte carbon MTB's you find flying around the closed-circuit courses of the World Mountain Bike Championships. There's a world of fast commuter bikes and steely urban city bikes to discover, as well the new do-it-all adventure road bikes looking to find there way in the world and into your hearts and garages. And where would the world be without the ubiquitous entry-level mountain bike?